Dating Tips- The Perfect Family Background Check

Consider Taking Time Before Committing To These Kind

While it is advisable to connect with a partner emotionally, background research is important before falling in love. As the saying goes, ‘Love is a beautiful thing’. Human beings always have the urge to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated. However, behaviors may vary with past experiences and support systems in one’s life.

Growing up as a child is a process of learning and development. Trauma and terrific experiences are saved in the brain as much as lovely and exciting experiences. The dating and courtship manual will reference one’s past experiences that lead to his/her behaviors today.

People from difficult backgrounds and past traumatic experiences will need to take time to heal before committing to being with someone. The following past life experiences about a person will help you to handle them in your relations with them:

  • Poor Family Background. Dealing with the experience of not having access to the good things in life, according to human understanding, is quite an unforgettable one. A person from a poor family may work hard in life to get a better life, however, they develop emotional breakdowns in case their daily targets are not met. If proper guidance was not given to them, they could develop behavior that depicts a don’t care attitude towards the people that show them more than just the good life. They could show signs of over-ambitious behavior, that their love for the good life is beyond quality relationships, character mentorship, or financial intelligence. They think about their academic failures, and business or financial failures more than their daily achievements. They may also have traits of overspending or underspending. They would rather have a safe job than risk a business idea, this financial mistake could be a problem in the future.
  • Abusive Home, Family Background. Growing up with trauma is impossible to get over in one day, or one month or even one year depending on the extent of the damage. Living with a parent that is always fighting their partner, or harming them in any way, could be a great turn-off to a workable relationship in the future. People who have grown to see their mothers or their fathers being battered or physically harmed, develop psychological breakdowns and without proper therapy or guidance, they could get physical with their partners too. It is possible for children from abusive homes to shut down their emotions and in the future, deny their potential life partners an emotional connection, as a way to protect themselves.

  • Toxic Parenting Background. Every parent has a different view of raising their children. Instilling good morals and character in a child is the first thought from a parent. However, some parents are not well taught and they depict traits of selfishness, abuse, and don’t care attitudes. Having such a parent causes mistrust, abandonment syndrome, and emotions of rejection. Harsh parenting that is not guided is detrimental to the mind of a child. They grow to be selfish and aggressive as much as the balance is concerned. They develop negative thoughts whenever they are rejected and they end up being controlling. They shut down emotionally and also deny their partners access to knowing them deeper, most of the time because they are afraid of rejection. However, if healing takes place, they become the best partners and amazing potential parents.

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