Meskel Celebration in Ethiopian, September 2021

Meskel Celebration with Ethiopian


Ethiopian Meskel Celebration in September 2021


Come and celebrate the Ethiopian Meskel Celebration (Finding of the True Cross)

Meskel is one of the most important ecclesiastical holidays in the Ethiopian Orthodox calendar. It is also known as The Finding of the True Cross. In the 4th century Roman Empress Saint Helena (and mother of Constantine the Great) had a dream to light a bonfire; this is celebrated on Meskel eve known as Demera when bonfires are lit at dusk colorfully adorned with seasonal yellow “Meskel” flowers around which there is dancing and singing.

In all parts of the county however, Meskel Day itself is observed with great celebration and festivity with friends and family and using ashes from the Demera fire, many Orthodox Christians will use the ash to mark their foreheads with the sign of the cross


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Meskel Celebration with Ethiopian



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