Natural versus Synthetic Supplements

At Healthy U, we pride ourselves in having the largest and most extensive range of natural and high quality supplements in Kenya.

What does this mean however? Aren’t all supplements created the same?


When it comes to supplements, you have two basic options, natural or naturally derived supplements, and synthetic ones.

Although some may argue these are the same, there are some fundamental differences between the two.


Synthetic vitamins and minerals are processed in a laboratory, and these synthetic supplements contain little or no natural ingredients.

Whilst sometimes these may be cheaper in price, the benefits may be limited as your body (probably) does not absorb synthetic supplements in the same way that your body would absorb natural supplements.


Although they can be effective, when given the choice, we would always recommend going for a natural supplement.

Naturally derived vitamins and minerals come  from plants. We leave nature to do the creation of these supplements, but they are only manufactured, not produced, in a laboratory for sterile purposes.


Natural supplements are as close to nature as you can get without eating the actual plant. Natural supplements, or high quality naturally derived ones, allow you to ingest concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals. They also allow you to get vitamins and minerals from plant foods that you may not have access to, from faraway places.


With natural supplements, you are directly harnessing the power of plants, and all their wonderful and magical properties.


With the essence of nature captured in our high quality range of supplements, you know you are getting the best.


At Healthy U, we therefore believe in quality. Your body can tell the difference, even if a microscope can’t.


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