Chicken Nippon Recipe with Chef Anibal Torres Díaz of The Social House Nairobi

Check out this Amazing Recipe by Social House Nairobi’s Chef Anibal Torres Díaz 




Preparation Time 60 Minutes | Cooking Time 20 Minutes



1 baby chicken (600gr aprox)
Or u can use capon of 1.2 kg



  • 60gr orange juice
  • 3gr sesame oil
  • 50gr yellow bell pepper paste
  • 20gr lemon juice
  • 1 lemon zest
  • 20gr Hoisin sauce
  • 10gr honey


Togarashi Aioli:

  • 20gr boiled potato
  • 1gr togarashi (or any other spice powder)
  • 70gr mayonnaise
  • 1gr spring onion
  • 5gr lime juice



Step 1:
Clean the chicken and remove the bones but don’t lose the shape of it.

Step 2:
Marination – mix all ingredients well and reserve.

Step 3:
Aioli – mix all ingredients in blender and reserve


Note* Marinate chicken for 12 hours


Step 4:
Grill for 2 minutes per side (or in a pan), finish in oven for 6 minutes more.

Step 5:
Serve with aioli on top and crispy onion, and baked potatoes.



This dish is prepared by Chef Anibal Torres Díaz of the Signature Peruvian’ INCA Restaurant located at the rooftop of The Social House Nairobi.



Chef Torres hails from Lima, the capital of Peru, but his family is from the north Andean province of Cajamarca, the region which inspired and shaped his culinary passion and techniques.

Having trained at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Institute in Lima he initially worked under a number of notable Peruvian chefs, not least Rafael Piqieras, a renowned pioneer of molecular and fusion cuisine.

His roots have led him to a particular fascination with northern Peruvian cuisine: rich fish stews, marinated seafood, grilled meats and vegetables steamed with herbs and spices, but he has also dived into the rich and diverse worlds of both Nikkei and Novoandina cuisine.

Chef Torres’ culinary diversity is matched only by his globe-trotting nature: he has shaped and shared his Peruvian-inspired cuisine with diners in Colombia, México, Nicaragua, Jamaica and The Maldives.

And now he’s here in Kenya to bring his passion and the varied flavours of his homeland to guests at INCA, The Peruvian restaurant-bar on the roof of The Social House.



INCA Restaurant is Social House Nairobi’s Peruvian Cuisine Melting Pot with signature dishes that bring together a culmination of flavours that stays true to Peru’s diverse culinary heritage. The decor is colorful with peruvian tones that brings out a warm welcoming ambiance. Come try out the cocktail and food sharing platters and the highly recommendable delicious signature ceviche. INCA is also available for hire as well for events and private parties.


INCA Restaurant is Open on Wednesdays to Saturdays from 12:00pm*




For Reservations Call:  0709216000

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