Tree Planting By Nyari Resident Welfare Society

Hundreds Of Trees Planted By The Nyari Resident Welfare Society Along A Section Of The New Bypass

Nyari Residents Welfare Society (NRWS) in collaboration with the Lion Clubs of Nairobi, Industrial Promotion Services, Kenya (an affiliate of the AKDN Agency) and Aga Khan Council for Kenya, came together on Sunday 15th March 2020, to plant indigenous trees such as Newtonia, Olea, Podocarpus, and the revered Mugumo (Fig)tree along the recently constructed bypass.

We would run out of fingers and toes before we could count all the many benefits trees bring us. ‘True wisdom is planting a tree that you know you will never sit under’ Isha Sadhguru. As we drive along the new Bypass, we are delighted and talk about how much easier it is now to connect from Lavington to Gigiri and beyond, but rarely do we pause to think about the micro-ecosystems (birds, bees and insects, etc. that support life) that have to be destroyed to pave way for our roads, homes and shiny new office blocks.

A total of 860 trees donated by the various institutions (Lions – 230; IPS – 200, Aga Khan Council – 200; Individual Nyari Residents – 200; Plants Galore -30;) were planted.

This initiative had been facilitated by the NRWS Committee, steered by the current Environment member, Dr. Dries Roobroeck. NRWS will continue to maintain the trees until they are matured.

These trees will not only beautify the road but also will have a major environmental impact. Furthermore, Pedestrians will also benefit from reduced dust and pollution.

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