The Face Behind The Coastal Charm At Rozina’s Restaurant Nairobi

Alexander Mbisi James

“Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye “ – Gordon Ramsay-

Alexander Mbisi James describes himself as a chef who is driven by passion and that is the cornerstone of his culinary journey. He has been in the kitchen since 2013 but he started as a steward. Alexander is now the head chef at Rozina’s restaurant. Good looking for food is not enough for this head chef, the taste is very necessary.

He states that the one ingredient he cannot live without is basil because of his affinity to Italian dishes. He is a chef with vast skills but his favorite dish to make is the creamy zucchini pesto.

He looks up to Chef Gordon Ramsay and through him, he has enhanced his skills in the kitchen. Through following his shows and trying out his recipes he has continued to grow. Chef Alexander relishes the finer nuances of tolerance, resilience, and listening in the kitchen. There is an undeniable bond between the kitchen staff and the chef. He states that through this bond they are able to understand each other’s work dynamics. This makes it easier for him to run the kitchen because he is in sync with his team.

The one ingredient he would like to work with are scallops, he has ideas buzzing in his head on how he could work with this delicate seafood. He believes that good food is universal and learning something new will always be exciting for him.

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