Rusinga Island Lodge – The Go Places™ Exclusive Island Retreat Of The Season

Rusinga Island

Island Retreat Of The Season

An Island getaway is just what you need to relax and rejuvenate. Spend a couple of days on an exclusive island in the hub of luxury as your every need is tended to by the attentive staff. Elegantly perched on a private island surrounded by the Lake Victoria is the award winning Rusinga Island Lodge.

It is exquisite, remote and tranquil the perfect combination for a luxurious holiday. Take a walk on their beautifully tended lawn that stretches out to the water edge. They have a stunning range of private accommodation to choose from , sumptuous dining experiences, spa treatments, water sports activities and so much more…

Take a trip to the magical Rusinga Island lodge this season and awaken your soul!


Call: 020-2531315 / 0716055924/ 0734402932


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