A Truly Superlative Trip Organized by Lisa Christoffersen

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We have been taking you on a series of 6 friends on a trip to Elsa Kopje trip with Nev with scenic safaris. From the story about Elsa the Lioness and a book called Born Free that continued to capture our  hearts and minds, It has been truly an exciting experience for us all.

In the words of other people…

Ambassador Julia Pataki, Romani Tells Of Her Experience At Elsa Kopje

In Julia’s  7 years traveling around in Kenya she has had different experiences but for the first time in her own words, she said, “I had the perfect safari!”
Here is her testimonial of the safari experience at Elsa Kopje
“One can say that I was in a perfect place at a perfect time with perfect company to enjoy a perfect safari. I always enjoy flying with Scenic Safaris due to high professional standards excellent pilots and excellent champaign service and this time it wasn’t any different.
Elsa’s Kopje is exceptional on all levels – you can explore unique landscape and wildlife seeing no human being for miles, enjoy a luxury eco-camp with uniquely designed rooms with incredibly simple details, rooms carved in rock, old refurbished furniture and decorations of old pictures creating a zen environment and offering a touch of old times, clean rooms with open views of the Savannah, lovely lobby, excellent and healthy food from their own garden, professional and really friendly and helpful staff, story telling knowledgeable safari guide, swimming pool with 5 star view and of course the story of Lioness Elsa which touched our hearts. 3 days when all stars aligned to enjoy every minute of our stay! if you aim for a perfect trip visit Elsa’s Kopje!”
Amb. Julia Pataki, Romani

Kicking Up The Dust In The Kenyan Bush By Sukesh Jagden

Landing on dusty Kinna airstrip we find a group of meticulously turned out school children awaiting the arrival of this thrilling mechanical bird from the sky. We are so delighted to see them we don’t even notice the lovely welcome breakfast laid out for us at the top end of the airstrip!

Little did we know this was to be the start of the astonishing and wonderful attention to detail the six of us came to know as Elsa Kopje’s signature. Elsa’s Kopje, part of the Elewana Collection, was to be our home for the next three days on what was to be the most magical and fun bush trip ever.

Each room is unique, built into the rock face with breathtaking views over Meru National Park. The rooms give the appearance of going back to a time of the Lord of the Rings, yet inside they are decked out in understated luxury and every comfort you could possibly imagine.


This was our base for the early morning wake up call which would herald the start of spectacular sightings and memorable tales we would recount at the end of the day. The female Rhino with her two young walking towards our vehicle, the lilac breasted roller with its vibrant palette of colours making a cameo appearance, the Kingfishers diving for fish bigger than them, the herd of elephants majestically crossing the track at sundown right in front of us.

We couldn’t top any of that could we? Until we hiked up the Kopje in time for sunrise and sipped coffee as the sun rose over the national park. We were at the top of the world!

I was so reluctant to leave, “can we stay another night ?”is a request the the charming fabulous manager George hears all too often.

But it was time for the flight back to Nairobi and of course only a private charter with fabulous Scenic Air would do for us! Mutaza the pilot was brave enough to hand the controls over and let me co-pilot for the 50 minute flight back to Nairobi.

A superlative end to a truly superlative trip organized by Lisa Christoffersen!

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