Serving You Smiles And Sushi At Haru Sushi Bar And Japanese Restaurant

Authentic Sushi, Specially Crafted Just For You 

Located in Karen, Haru sushi & Japanese Restaurant has proven that fresh, innovative and healthy Japanese cuisine has taken pole position as one of the trendiest culinary frontiers in Nairobi. 

Every dish at Haru Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant has its own signature twist, and each is expertly created and refined to simply leave you relishing for more.

Chef Jongho believes that preparing Japanese Cuisine is an art.


Offering an endless selection of enticing dishes to choose from, he makes sure to create a marriage of simplicity, skill and taste ensuring your taste buds are satisfied. 

A multi-sensory dining experience awaits your palate, with favorites such as the extravagant melt-in- your mouth Sushi, Sashimi and so much more authentic Japanese culinary treats.

For Reservations

Call: 0700945400 / 0720945400


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