Sharing Moments Through Nev’s Eye

Tembea KENYA With Nev

Nev is the Group Managing Director and founder of the Go Places brand which was inspired by her passion for the tourism industry. Leisure and Travel Guides was established in 1993. We have over 25 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Aside from business, Nev is a wife and a mother to three sons, a 
a woman who is very driven in every aspect of her life from family, business and my well-being.

With her enthusiasm about Kenya and exploring different cultures, Nev soon embraced the idea of being a local tourist. There are so many hidden treasures in this country that need to be shared widely. That need is what birthed this particular segment of “Sharing Moments Through Nev’s Eye…” no one can tell you a story better than our MD.

Her current visit to Diani was an exciting one. Here are some of the captured moments…

Watch out for more….

Sharing is Caring :)

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