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Thrill Seeking Activities You Have To Try

No one wants to keep doing the same things day in and day out. New experiences can only be formed if we are willing to try. Outdoor activities are the only way to experience how beautiful the world is. Extreme sports in Kenya have taken a life of its own with not only foreign tourists attracted by the prospect of adrenaline filled experiences but also locals.

The following article highlights 7 adventure destinations worth exploring


Ever felt like standing on top of a cliff while screaming your lungs out, or fly high in the sky like a free bird? A zip line activity is an ideal way to get over the fear of heights. Zip lining has weaved its way to the top of people’s bucket lists. It enables you to view beautiful sceneries such as rivers, green forests, hill ranges, valleys and birds.

To experience this adventure you can visit; Kereita Forest, The Forest, Rapids Camp Sagana.


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Take a chance on the wild side with archery. Shooting with a bow and arrow may seem like a primitive thing to do but the thrill you get afterwards is indescribable. It is an easy thing to do especially if you follow your instructor’s technique. Hitting the target right in the middle is your ultimate goal once you pick up your bow and arrow. This activity requires focus and patience because you will not get it right the first time.

Nairobi Archery Club and the Forest are some of the places that offer this activity


Jumping out of a plane seems like something traumatising. Your first jump will always be part of you. You will forget that you are jumping off a plane as you take in the most incredible views imaginable of the mountains or ocean. The sensation craved will be quenched as you soar through the air, free as a bird. Skydiving and adrenaline are synonymous. Sky diving produces an overwhelming happiness due to the release of endorphins. In a pleasurable blend of fright and pure excitement, sky diving gets your blood pumping and your heart palpitates


An energizing and loosening up experience that everybody can appreciate, paragliding is likely the most elating, quiet and unadulterated type of flight yet. If skydiving isn’t enough, paragliding is another way for you to get up in the air. You will get a little more air time and scenic views; this is definitely the way to do it. You and your heartbeat will be soaring after being part of this recreational sport.

Visit Machakos Mua Hills for a paragliding experience.


It doubles up as a great workout session and a lot of fun. Casually bike along the coast or head into the terraces such as Mount Kenya for some more extreme cycling as you shred up and down mountain trails. Biking across terraces and scenic places with flora and fauna underlines the fact that mountain biking ranks up there with the best of the best in adventurous sports. Sightseeing, body exercises across different terrains make mountain biking a natural choice for anyone who loves these experiences or would want to have a taste


Managing to navigate risks and distractions builds someone’s self-confidence and sharpens their wit. White water rafting is a sport that requires watchfulness and this aspect makes it downright fun and exciting. Giving loved ones an opportunity to huddle up in a raft, participants get to bond and have a time to share moments and make precious memories.

Paddle your way through some amazing watery terrain in Rapids Camp Sagana or the Ewaso N’giro River.


Kite surfing is a great choice for anyone who just wants to have fun or let off some steam. As you glide over the water, learn and practice new skills you end up feeling fulfilled. This activity offers a picturesque setting with strong winds to sail in any fashion. Kite surfing requires less strength in comparison to windsurfing.

Find this thrilling activity at Nyali beach, Che –Shale and H20 extreme.

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