Pocket Spring Mattresses Vs. Standard Polyurethane Foam Mattresses

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Pocket Spring Mattresses


Contours to any type of body.Contains individual springs sewn into their own pocket of fabric where each spring works independently, to ensure support where you need it the most.


Good Pocket Spring Mattresses will last many years.Proper pocket spring structure can be traded in i.e it can be re-used

Partner Disturbance

Individual pocket spring structure eliminates partner motion disturbance, thus ensuring you an undisturbed nights’ sleep.


With pocket spring mattresses different pressure zones can be created i.e.zones for head & shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet allowing for a better nights’ sleep

Temperature & Ventilation

More than 70% of a pocket spring mattress contains air, allowing air to circulate more freely i.e. a cooler, more comfortable and undisturbed nights’ sleep


Since more than two-thirds of a pocket spring mattress is made of air, it is 70% natural.

Sleeping Positions

Ideal for any sleep position (front, back or side sleepers) and allows natural sleep movement.

Standard Polyurethane Foam Mattresses


Not necessarily suitable to every body type


It’s open to any liquid damage and re-use is impossible

Partner Disturbance

Standard foam mattresses, due to their elasticity when subjected to pressure, can create slopes around the body and this acts as a crater causing the partners to roll over to the middle


Standard foam mattresses do not have different pressure zones to support the body

Temperature & Ventilation

90% of a foam mattress is made of a block of foam and only 10% of it can allow air ventilation.


90% of a foam mattress is made of petroleum chemicals.

Sleeping Positions

With standard foam mattresses you basically pick your sleeping position and stick to it i.e. restricts natural sleep movement.

Alpha Eco I

A Healthy Goodnight’s Sleep is Always within Easy Reach… Thanks to #DrMattress Technology you can now purchase an affordable ‘Pocket Spring Mattress at the Cost of a Foam Mattress’ with our new #AlphaEcoI 

Properties include: 
✓ Pocket Spring System – Maximum Flexibility, Contours to shape of Body
✓ Edge Guard (Increases Mattress Area Used & Maintains Shape) 
✓ Breathable Fabric
✓ Easy Care – No Need to Flip Over
✓ 5-Year Genuine Dr. Mattress Guarantee!

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