Grand Cafe and Indian Cuisine Restaurant, Where Food And Memory Meet

Dining Experience Like No Other

It is an undisputed fact that nothing brings people together like an amazing meal and great people to top it all off. Grand Café and Indian Cuisine is the ideal place for just that, it spearheads the way for innovation and evolution of Indian and continental dishes.

Indian food has always done it for me. The authentic flavours that may be a bit difficult to emulate, we are lucky that eating out is an option. A few restaurants get it right when it comes to the ambience and the flavours but right in the heart of Kilimani we find this little gem, Grand Café and Indian Cuisine. The restaurant which has warmed its way into many hearts started out three years ago as a café, word of mouth got tongues wagging about their food and service making it a go to place for diners within the area.

They pride themselves in taking care of their client’s needs. The managing director Sanjay Ghag insists on the importance of giving your guests a personalised touch. He is a constant feature in the restaurant to ensure that operations are running and interacting with clients to know what they need or what they would like improved. Sanjay calls himself a foodie that inspired his 22 years in the hotel industry. They have a wide clientele ranging from walk-ins, regulars, corporate clients and executive clients. I was there in the evening and I can attest to the personalized touch service from the waiters to the managing director. They are invested in ensuring that you are taken care of in every aspect.

This is where style meets culinary excellence. Good service and good food means that clients keep coming back. Have you ever tasted pureed spinach with cottage cheese and felt like you were walking on cloud nine? My palate was definitely surprised by a vegan meal. They have a signature drink that is made with mangoes, yoghurt and sugar syrup, garnished with cashew nuts a flavour that entices your taste buds. The chicken tikka masala is to die for but the expertise does not stop there discover authentic Indian cuisine; your dining experience will be memorable. All the food is prepared fresh each day with the chef sourcing the best produce for your meals.

The attention to detail is the reason why they stand out, a lot of the guests are vegan and that means that they have to be careful as they handle the food. Grand Café and Indian cuisine has a package that offers catering services for your events and they have the capability to handle up to 800 people. You will find yourself going back to the restaurant especially if you live around the area but you are lucky because they have partnered with many food delivery companies so that you can always have a piece of it when you crave it. The team works together to ensure that the standard they have set is maintained.

The employees learn what is on the menu and gives you the details that you require as you select what you prefer. Create beautiful memories with a meal or two at the Grand Café and Indian Cuisine.

Open Daily 7.00 am – 10.00 pm

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