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We introduce Sanjay Ghag, the group managing director at Grand Café and Indian cuisine. Mr. Sanjay has been in the hotel industry since 2006, he has spent 10 years immersing himself in the Kenyan food industry. He is proud of the growth in the industry but he has also placed emphasis on the fact that consistency is needed in how service is delivered. Grand Café has been running for three years now and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Sanjay believes that offering a personalized touch to the service ensures that guest keep coming back because you have their interest at heart. He credits his success to working with a team who ensures that their standards are maintained and improved when there is a need. Sanjay has a hands-on method of running the café and he is a team player.

As a team player he insists that every member of the team has to understand the clients needs as well as the products Grand Café and Indian cuisine offers.

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